History of the Sundance Lodge

The Sundance Lodge was founded in 1964, when Bob Ide purchased the property on the Peak to Peak Highway. Bob purchased the lodge buildings in Boulder and moved them up to the mountains. The buildings were originally army barracks in Texas (!), before they were moved to Boulder, where they became a motel in what is now the Crossroads Mall.  In the 1970’s, several years after moving the lodge to Nederland, two of the lodge rooms were converted into a small full-service restaurant along with a wrap-around deck, and it was renamed the Sundance Lodge and Café.

Hans and Aki von Mende, who were brothers, bought the property in 1982.  The von Mende family ran the lodge and café for many years.  In 2016 the property was purchased from Hans von Mende by the Schuler family.  The Sundance is now owned and operated by Kim and Kyle Schuler.

The Sundance Lodge and Café has been a part of the Nederland community for 53 years!  Please visit our splendid location and bask in the gorgeous views of the Indian Peaks.

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